Rubber Bench Blocks For Crafting & Jewelry Making

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Rubber Block

Use the block to support and raise your Art Clay pieces whilst shaping, sanding, brushing, polishing, setting stones, and so on. The rubber stops the clay from slipping. Surprisingly handy tool, once you’ve tried you won’t want to be without it.

This hard rubber dapping block easily conforms to all sizes or shapes of steel or hardwood dapping punches. It is used for creating different types of shallow forms or channels in thin and soft sheets of precious metal, without worrying about scratch marks or mars.

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This heavy duty rubber block is extremely handy on the bench, for filing, hammering and other uses. Made of tough, firm, vulcanized rubber, it give you an excellent work surface. It allows you to remove dents and straighten metal without the fear of scratching or distorting. It can also be used to secure items for filling.
Another great thing about this block is that it’s sound absorbing.

Made in India

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