Dasqua 4111-8115 Outside Micrometer 50-75 mm

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Brand Name : Dasqua

Model Number : 4111-8115

    • Accuracy: 005mm
    • Type of product: Outside Micrometer
    • Measuring Range (mm): 50-75mm
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What is DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115?

      • The objects to be calculated are placed in the center of the measuring surface; an opening and a spinning top.
      • A hole is a vertical measuring surface where parts are held until the handle touches the work.
      • The corded spindle is a moving measuring surface of the micrometer.
      • External micrometers are available with different spinning and anvils to allow the operator to calculate features that are hard to access on a working piece.
      • The measurement distance in a standard OD micrometer is 1“(25mm).
      • Some impressive system micrometers have a diameter smaller or larger than 1“(25mm).
      • A wide range of OD micrometers (anvil micrometers) are available and lower the cost of a micrometer set compared to the charge of different micrometers to cover the same width (usually 6”).

Why DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115 should buy?

      • Buy DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115 online in India at
      • DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115 is widely utilized to measure the thickness or outside diameter of small parts. They are industry-standard measuring devices because of their high accuracy/resolution and ease of use.

Features of DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115:

      1. Dasqua 4111-8115 Beyond Micrometer 50-75 mm is a premium quality product from Dasqua.
      2. Breeze Tools is ​​a well-known ecommerce platform for micrometers quality listing. The entire Dasqua 4111-8115 Outside Micrometer 50-75 mm is manufactured using certified quality materials and advanced techniques, enabling them to achieve excellence in this highly challenging industry.
      3. The materials used to produce the Dasqua 4111-8115 Outside Micrometer 50-75 mm, are available from reputable and reputable suppliers, who are selected after conducting detailed market research.
      4. Dasqua products are widely accepted in the market for its high quality. We are committed to providing the best quality list.

Specifications of DASQUA outside Micrometer 41118115:

      • Brand: DASQUA
      • Model: 4111-8115
      • Accuracy: 005mm
      • Type of product: Outside Micrometer
      • Measuring Range (mm): 50-75mm

Pros and cons of DASQUA outside Micrometer 4111-8115:


      • A measure of consistent accuracy and reliability due to automation.
      • Accurate machining process ensures product quality.
      • Easy to use.


      • So far, no such negative issues have been observed.

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