Wood Leather Edge Burnisher

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  • Size : 6 Inch length and 1 inch at top width, grooves can accommodate 1 mm to 6 mm leather thickness.
  • ALL-PURPOSE BURNISHING TOOL features 4 grooves that accommodate leather edges of varying thickness, tapering to a point to finish holes and tight corners. Add sleek, professional edge finishes to belts, holsters and saddles.
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Multi-size Wood Edge Burnisher Slicker Leather Burnishing Tools


Multi-size Wood Edge Burnisher Slicker |Leather Burnishing Tools | Leather Craft DIY Tools

Multisize Slicker for Leather Craft Beech wood

qty – 1 pcs

Made in india

This wooden edge slicker is used for burnishing the edges of leather. It has 4 width choices. Both ends of the slicker can be used for moulding.

Material: Wood
Length: approx. 15mm

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